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Sex & Cancer

A Healing Journey

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healing from cancer is an endurance race.

Why not pair it with pleasure?

Getting a cancer diagnosis is terrifying. Learning how to navigate life with a long term illness is not easy. All aspects of our life are affected by this new reality, including our sexuality. For many it goes dormant and becomes less of a focus or priority. This makes sense. We are dealing with so much and don’t want to add another thing to our plate. 







When I was faced with a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis I knew that my work in the realm of sexuality would be an important part of my healing journey. As I was recovering from a successful surgery I realized that I wanted to pair the experience of chemotherapy with pleasure. I wanted to devote my life for the next 6 months to say yes to only that which delighted me… body, mind and soul. And what a beautiful, rich, opening and empowering 6 months it was. I can celebrate now, on the other side of this experience, that there is no evidence of disease in my body. 

Our sexuality doesn't die when we are

faced with long term illness.


But it does change. 

In some ways these illnesses that we face ask us to show up and do the deeper work that we have been putting off. The work of releasing years of shame and self criticism. The work of allowing feelings and emotions to wash through us and be released. The work of reconnecting to feeling love, acceptance, appreciation and celebration of our bodies. The work of identifying what we truly desire in this life. And then the work of bringing those desires to life. 


I am here to be your guide back to yourself. To parts of you that have been living in the shadows, cut off and alone for years. I am here to support you on your journey of integration, repair and healing.

but what if focusing on our pleasure and erotic desires gave us renewed energy, vitality and lust for life?

I'm here to help you integrate 

into your healing process. 













What's Included?

Free Discovery Call 

If you're curious about working together, the next step is to have an hour-long discovery call. This is an opportunity for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you. We will explore your desires and what is standing in the way of you getting what you want. You can ask me anything. It's a space for you to gain more clarity on what change you are ready to create in your life. These calls are often tremendously healing and insightful.  


12 Virtual coaching 1:1 sessions 

Each personalized session will focus on your core desire in the realm of sex, love or relationships. We will address blockages, and rewire both your brain and body to feel more pleasure and reconnect you to your erotic fire. You will be a different person... more you at the end of this process. 


Transformational Practices

After each session you will get notes that summarize our work together as well as home practices, guided visualizations or meditations personalized to your needs. 



Your commitment




I only work with clients who can commit to a minimum of 6 months with me. This allows us to go deeper and create the sustainable transformation that is possible. 

In 6 months, we have sessions of 60 min each (2 sessions a month), followed by a brief summary email that includes supporting material.

Attune to your body’s wisdom, intuition and desires.

Activate & amplify your libido and sexual desire.

Discover how to be sexually satisfied in a modified way given any body challenges you may be facing.

Communicate your desires confidently and clearly.

Learn how to create safety in your body and in your relationship.

Discover tools to increase your capacity to feel pleasure.

Deepen your emotional intelligence to feel more fully alive.

Connect to archetypes that empower your wild sexual nature.

Disentangle yourself from your sexual socialization & embody your authentic sexual expression.


With our 1:1 time together and home play practices,

you will have the tools you need to create the change you desire.

Guided meditations and visualizations  –

Personalized pleasure practices to reconnect you to your body –

Communication tools to bring more expression and authenticity to your relationships –

Expanding our emotional capacity for feeling and expression –

Sounding practices to release stress cycles and embolden your voice –

Gentle practices to increase your ability to feel, honor and express your emotions.