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Embodied Eros

connect to the magic of your body

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An in-person event in Asheville, NC 

TO explore and embody 

your authentic eroticism

What is your relationship to your own eroticism?


Does erotic energy flow freely in your body?

Are you ready to let go of shame and reconnect to the beauty of your body?​

Sat, June 29, 2024, 10:00-3:30 PM

Haw Creek Commons 

315 Old Haw Creek Rd. Asheville, NC

$155 - $188

sliding scale


Join trauma-informed facilitators, Faith & Misa, in a soulful and embodied experience reconnecting you to your divine erotic nature. We will dance, talk, feel, laugh and make room for who we have always wanted to be. 

your facilitators


Faith Laux

Faith Laux is a Somatic Sex, Love and Relationship coach based in Asheville, NC. Trained at the Vita Institute she helps her clients reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of their bodies so that they can prioritize their pleasure and delight in their sexual energy. In May of 2022 she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Since then she has been adding pleasure as a healing modality to help her and her clients thrive and enjoy life. Faith weaves her experience with emotional intelligence, shamanism, erotic leadership, kink and coaching to form a unique space for those she serves to connect with their deepest erotic power. Mother, artist, wife, educator and adventurer Faith seeks to normalize the conversation around sexuality, aging, illness and desire. 


Misa June

Misa Terral is founder of Soulpower Dance and Soulpower Living, offering transformational classes for embodiment, joy, and self healing. Her experiences as a licensed Occupational Therapist specializing in sensory integration, a certified Death Doula, and in nature-based spirituality cultivated her unique style of teaching and empowering others. She offers Spiritual Embodiment coaching for individuals seeking a Soul-empowered life. She also facilitates programming for the nonprofit Dance to Be Free, taking the healing power of dance to prisons.



  • wants a deeper connection to her erotic energy

  • is ready to let go of old patterns that have held her back

  • yearns to feel more confident in her body, especially in intimate settings

  • gets excited to explore, play and heal in sisterhood

  • desires safe, trauma-aware environments to explore her erotic energy

  • feels intuitively called to come to this event

This event is open to women and people who were assigned female at birth. 


~ A consent-based container where you have full agency in your level of participation throughout the entire event

~ Facilitators who are committed to providing you with a trauma-preventative, safe enough space for your exploration and growth

~ Choreographed dance, free dance, guided visualizations, exploration of your body, gentle breath work, discussion, journaling and at the end a strip tease 

~ Opportunity to expand beyond who you have given yourself permission to be


~ This event does not include nudity. There will be an invitation for you to touch and reconnect with your own body


~ A devotional temple space where you are loved and adored just as you are



Yoga mat and sarong or towel 

~ Journal & pen

~ Water bottle, snacks and a nourishing lunch

~Attire: You will need two outfits. The first is comfortable dance clothes. During our lunch break you will change into a second outfit. This is what you'll wear when it is time to do a strip tease for your dance partner (not the whole room). This should be something that has layers and makes you feel sexy and beautiful. We'll be stripping down to our underwear and bra. This is a chance to find some undergarments that delight you. 

~Each participant will choose a song that turns them on and connects them to their erotic flame. Please send this song to Misa no later than June 28th. (


I felt held and welcomed in Embodied Eros to be where I am and gently meet and go beyond my edges. It felt freeing. I’ve been feeling so juicy since the workshop too. I went home and made a luscious chocolate brittle and vegan nacho cheese popcorn and had some tea and just felt like a queen! Thank you both for your guidance and wisdom!

-Alyssa Weldon


This workshop woke up the sleeping sensual Goddess within me. I left feeling rejuvenated and connected to my other female goddesses. I’m feeling more confident in my body and energy.

- Embodied Eros Participant


Misa & Faith are an amazing team. They create a safe and supportive space to explore your knowledge of self and how to grow and expand. It was a wonderful experience. I’ll definitely recommend it to friends.

- Embodied Eros Participant


Misa & Faith created such a safe and sacred container to connect with our divine erotic essence. I can’t wait to learn and explore more with them.

-Adina A.


Misa & Faith are a dream team delivery of Embodied Eros! I feel more connected to my body, to women & sexuality after this workshop. It was perfect. Brava!

- Amy Allemana


This workshop pushed through my edges, allowing me to grow in unexpected ways. It was an enlightening journey into the embodiment of the divine feminine.


Here's to reclaiming the erotic energy that has always been our birthright.

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