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Loveconnection & a more passionate life

Are you ready?​




My transformational coaching helps you reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of your body so that you are empowered to thrive sexually.


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I help you prioritize

and delight in your sexuality again.

I’m Faith.


I believe two things.:


The grass is greener where you water it. 

. . . and . . .

Our sexuality is the spice of our one wild and precious life. 

It’s my life’s passion to guide and teach my clients to reignite their sexual flame and manifest their deepest desires.

Treated Silk

~ Tamara
engineer, mom

You are an excellent coach who helped me synthesize my desires and create a clear path to realizing my goals. You attuned to me in a way that allowed me to see myself more accurately. I felt safe to work through my strong emotions around becoming the bold, confident, sexual woman that I yearn to be.

~ Justin
linguist, educator

You not only helped me feel calmer, more focused, and more motivated during our session, but also helped me develop tools for achieving those benefits on my own. I consistently use the techniques and imagery that you provided. My life, my relationship with my partner, and my work have been the better for it.

~ Caity
coach, entrepreneur

You are an incredible space holder, leader, and coach. Your presence and voice brought a warm safety that I could feel in my body right away. I felt emotionally held and guided through your processes, which allowed me to access greater depth in myself. You were flexible and responsive with everything that I brought to the table and helped me discover greater clarity of my inner experiences. Working with you was an astounding and profound experience.


When I started working with Faith I didn't want to think about sex or be touched. I was exhausted in all areas of my life. Sex was a burden. Now my sexuality is deeply nourishing to me and my life. It brings me happiness. I feel closer and more connected to my husband. Every time we have sex it gets better and better, and we've been married for 10 years!


We've learned to be more open with each other. We're more verbal about our wants and needs. It's a total miracle. I thought sex would always just be tolerable. Now it's the best ever. I'm not just a body going through the motions. I feel human and find enjoyment in life again!

A.M. -Mom, Wife, Nurse