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Embodied Pleasure

lingerie, archetypes & the nervous system 

An in-person event in Asheville, NC 

explore and embody 

your authentic eroticism

What is your relationship to lingerie? How does it make you feel?

Do you like it but know there's more room to enjoy it more fully?

Does lingerie increase your pleasure or trigger a shut down response?

Explore these questions with a small group in the beautiful,

local lingerie boutique 'On The Inside' in West Asheville



In this two hour workshop you will:

  • Take stock of your current relationship to lingerie

  • Explore how you would like it to shift

  • Uncover limiting patterns that have inhibited your natural sexiness

  • Connect to the energy you desire to have when wearing lingerie

  • Identify the archetype that you're ready to bring into your sexual play

  • Gently expand your capacity to feel more erotically comfortable and confident 

  • Try on the lingerie that sparks joy and be wildly celebrated 

Join me for this discussion & to embody the magnetism of your true nature. This class will include workshop-style teaching, sharing, guided meditation and trying on lingerie in a positive, celebratory environment. 


You will be guided to drop deep into your body, your wisdom, and connect with parts of yourself that have long been forgotten. 




event details

Bubbly and snacks provided.

(You are welcome to bring something more substantial to eat.)

All practices will be done with clothes on; there will be no nudity. 

Note: Unfortunately this shop does not stock plus sizes. Bra sizes go up to DD.

Feel free to bring some of your own lingerie to try on and imbue with your new energy.


Friday May 12, 2023



'On the Inside'

842 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

This class is open to women and women-identifying people

Workshop limited to 8 participants


about your facilitator

Faith helps women prioritize their pleasure and delight in their sexuality again. Her transformational coaching helps you reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of your body so that you are empowered to thrive sexually. It’s her life’s passion to guide her clients to  manifest their deepest desires.

lingerie 5.png

I can't wait to support you to feel comfortable and gorgeous in your skin.

Let's consciously create the erotic narrative
we have longed to embody. 

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