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Fall in like with your

Inner critic

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An online workshop designed

to help you have a better relationship

with your inner critic


Are you done letting your inner critic tear you down?


Do you have strategies to use when you are your biggest obstacle? 

Have you ever paused to wonder why your inner critic is so loud?

What if the volume on this voice could be turned down?



In this two hour workshop you will:

  • Take stock of how your inner critic shows up in your life

  • Explore how you would like it to shift

  • Learn about the seven flavors of inner critic

  • Invite your inner critic to relax in a sacred guided visualization

  • Learn strategies to implement immediately to soften your critical voice

  • Connect to your loving inner voice within

 This class will include workshop-style teaching, sharing, guided meditation, movement, coaching and laughter. You'll be guided to drop deep into your body, your wisdom, and connect with your inner critic in a way you might never have before... with love.



event details

Event will be held on Zoom. Please have a journal, snacks & water available.


Thursday October 5, 2023



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Faith Laux is a Somatic Sex, Love and Relationship coach based in Asheville, NC. Trained at the Vita Institute she helps her clients reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of their bodies so that they can prioritize their pleasure and delight in their sexual energy. She's grappled with a tyrannical inner critic for years and is excited to use her experience to help others. Faith weaves her experience with emotional intelligence, shamanism, erotic leadership, tantra, kink and coaching to form a unique space for those she serves to connect with their deepest erotic power. Mother, artist, wife, educator and adventurer Faith seeks to normalize the conversation around sexuality, aging, illness and desire. 

about your facilitator

Instead of swimming in self criticism
let's bathe in self acceptance. 

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