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Conscious Erotic Expansion

Uplevel your sexual freedom


An in-person event in Asheville, NC 

TO explore and embody 

your authentic eroticism

What is your relationship to your own eroticism?


How confident are you communicating what you want?

Have you been curious to try new things in the bedroom but don't know how to begin?​


Explore these questions, receive guidance and practice in a small, private group setting in Asheville.

Sun, Aug 13, 2023, 1:00-6:00 PM

(Exact location shared upon registration)



Join trauma-informed facilitators, Faith & Kamela, in a spicy and playful afternoon of energetic connections, exploration of sexual archetypes, and a variety of sensational play experiences. This will be a date like no other. 

your facilitators



Faith Laux is a Somatic Sex, Love and Relationship coach based in Asheville, NC. Trained at the Vita Institute she helps her clients reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of their bodies so that they can prioritize their pleasure and delight in their sexual energy. In May of 2022 she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Since then she has been adding pleasure as a healing modality to help her and her clients thrive and enjoy life. Faith weaves her experience with emotional intelligence, shamanism, erotic leadership, tantra, kink and coaching to form a unique space for those she serves to connect with their deepest erotic power. Mother, artist, wife, educator and adventurer Faith seeks to normalize the conversation around sexuality, aging, illness and desire. 






Kamela Love (aka Tantra Mami) is the founder of Transform Into Love, the founder of Integrate Legacy Dispute Resolution, a co-founder of Queer Tantric Arts, an Awaken as Love Facilitator, a Transformational Relationship Coach, an Integrative Mediator, and a Facilitator of conscious play parties and sex positive experiences. Kamela blends her/their training in mystical Sufism, neuroscience, EFT/tapping and transmutation of trauma, energy sex and energy healing, transformational coaching, Neo-Tantra, Shamanism, Cherokee Native American practices, NVC + conscious communication, heart-centered conflict resolution, restorative justice, and law to offer holistic perspectives on spiritual ascension and sexual liberation. She/they have identified as queer and poly for 15+ years. Kamela’s highest soul calling involves awakening humanity into a quantum upleveling of societal Justice and cultural Harmony in such a way that we experience a lived reality of the presence of Divine Love in every facet of our lives.

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Kamela Love

Faith Laux



  • finds themselves curious about new ways to engage as a lover

  • wants to create more meaningful tantric connections

  • yearns to feel more confident in intimate settings

  • gets excited to play in consensual sex-positive spaces

  • desires for safe, trauma-aware environments to explore your sexuality

  • is looking to expand your current sex life with new ideas

  • feels intuitively called to come to this event

We welcome couples, singles, and everyone in between and/or outside of these labels and constructs. Couples coming with your partner are welcome to do all exercises with each other if that is your preference.

People with no prior sex-positive event experience are welcome. This is a good intro to moderate level event.



~ A consent-based container where you have full agency in your level of participation throughout the entire event; you are encouraged to sit comfortably and observe the facilitated activity at any time that you prefer to participate by watching rather than by doing

~ Trauma-informed facilitators who are committed to providing you with a trauma-preventative safe space for your exploration and growth

~ Engaging activities to explore your sexual archetype and new ways to express yourself in intimate relationships


~ Powerful exercises to give & receive different types of touch, pleasure connection


~ Interactive exploration of sensation, impact and simple restraint play


~ Opportunity to expand beyond outer labels & identities as we create sacred and transpersonal connections


~ This event does *not* include genital touch or nudity. There will be many opportunities for touch of non-genital areas, only with verbal consent.


~ A devotional temple space where you are loved and adored.



~ This event does NOT include nudity. Attendees are encouraged to wear an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel sacred and sexy.

~ Clothing that makes you feel sexy while also allowing your body to move & to relax


~ 3-5 items/objects from your home that would create interesting sensations through touch/contact


~ A belt which we will use to teach you really cool, simple restraint techniques


~ A journal for writing down your realizations, new understandings, and breakthroughs!


~ A sarong or towel that you can use to cover your mat


~ A water bottle and snacks

Are you curious but need a little more information to make sure this is right for you?

Schedule a free 15 minute call with Faith to ask questions, learn more and create the comfort you need to feel a clear yes or a clear no. 

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