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Awakening the Dark Feminine

embrace your shadow

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An in-person event in Asheville, NC 

TO explore and embody 

the dark feminine

Can you feel your Shadow calling you from the depths of your being?

She is safe here. 

Are you longing to embody your raw power?

All of you is welcome. 

it's time to unleash your inner temptress.​

Join trauma-informed facilitators, Faith & Emily,

in a sensual, sacred exploration of our feminine shadow.


Unleash your erotic energy through movement. 

Create a safe space for the Dark Feminine within. 

This is no ordinary Sunday. We will Journey to the Underworld and back.

Sun, October 22, 2023, 1:00-6:00 PM

(Exact location in West Asheville shared

24 hours prior to event when registered)


your facilitators




Faith Laux is a Somatic Sex, Love and Relationship coach based in Asheville, NC. Trained at the Vita Institute she helps her clients reconnect to the wisdom, intuition and enchantment of their bodies so that they can prioritize their pleasure and delight in their sexual energy. In May of 2022 she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Since then she has been adding pleasure as a healing modality to help her and her clients thrive and enjoy life. Faith weaves her experience with emotional intelligence, shamanism, erotic leadership, tantra, kink and coaching to form a unique space for those she serves to connect with their deepest erotic power. Mother, artist, wife, educator and adventurer Faith seeks to normalize the conversation around sexuality, aging, illness and desire. 






Emily Iris is a performer, dance instructor, witch, Dominatrix, yogi, and erotic content creatrix!

Her movement studies developed from strict ballet training, all the way to burlesque, belly dance, stripping and fire dance, balanced with yoga, exercise science, and Alexander Technique. Among her certifications in astrology and EFT tapping, Emily Iris is immersed in the kink, BDSM, and tantric traditions, finding inner alchemy of Divine Feminine and Masculine all along the way. Her intention for all who work with her is that they find more acceptance, freedom and DELIGHT in their human experience.


Emily Iris

Faith Laux




  • Finds themselves playing the “nice girl” way too often

  • Wants to integrate their inner baddie

  • Yearns to feel powerful and confident in their desire

  • Gets excited to cheer others on in their shadow play

  • Desires safe, trauma-aware environments to explore your shadow

  • Is looking to expand their range of seduction and feminine power

  • Feels the intuitive call to play with their Inner Dark Feminine energy

  • Feels intuitively called to come to this event

We welcome femme-identifying humans of all ages, abilities and creeds.  


~ Engaging stories & experiences designed to help you meet your inner Dark Feminine archetype and discover new ways to integrate her gifts into your life


~ Powerful rituals to give & receive Queen of the Underworld treatment, seduce your desires, and meet your shadow with curiosity and love


~ Interactive dance and tease sections that will guide you to tap into your unique erotic expression, and embody your Temptress


~ Opportunity to expand beyond what is culturally sanctioned “good girl behavior” and space to get wild, messy and BIG


~ This event will not include full nudity, and all tease section participants are encouraged to undress only to their level of comfort 


~ A consent-based container where you have full agency in your level of participation throughout the entire event; you are encouraged to sit comfortably and observe the facilitated activity at any time that you prefer to participate by watching rather than by doing

~ Trauma-informed facilitators who are committed to providing you with a trauma-preventative safe space for your exploration and growth


~ A devotional temple space where you are loved and adored in all of your terrific glory




~ Attendees are encouraged to wear an outfit that is comfortable for dancing in and makes you feel sacred and sexy. Layers are great. 

~ A journal for writing down your realizations, new understandings, and breakthroughs!


~ A sarong or towel that you can use to cover your mat


~ A water bottle and snacks

Are you curious but need a little more information to make sure this is right for you?

Schedule a free 15 minute call with Faith to ask questions, learn more and create the comfort you need to feel a clear yes or a clear no. 

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